About This Blog

About This Blog

Welcome to my travel blog!

I’ve been a travel blogger for 10 years, and now run two successful travel blogs. If you want to know more about me and why I blog, then head over to the About Me page first. But for more info about what this travel blog is all about, and what kind of travels I write about, keep reading…

Below I’ve broken down what this blog is all about, and shared a few of my favourite blog posts to help you figure me out. If you like me, stick around!

This blog is all about my travel stories. I’ve been plugging away at it for nearly seven years, and things have changed quite a lot since I first got started. These days, I’m a full-time travel blogger.

I travel often, but not constantly, and I try to get as much out of my trips as I can. I’m all about slower, deeper travel – trying to connect more deeply with a place through cultural experiences, like meeting locals or eating ALL the food!

My mission is to get to know the world – and have some fun doing it! I blog mainly about adventure, food, culture, and journeys… always focusing on connecting with a new place as deeply and honestly as I can.

Blog Values

In a nutshell, my travel style is Deep Travel. That means travelling slower when possible, and trying to really get to know the world. It means connecting with locals, trying new food, or exploring the culture of a place, rather than ticking off the “top ten” tourist attractions.

It means revisiting places over and over, rather than racking up ticks for a checklist. And it means getting “off the beaten path” sometimes, in search of more authentic experiences.

But, most importantly, it simply means travelling as much and as deeply as possible in order to see, meet, and understand as much of the world as I can.

Deep travel and getting to know the world are my major travel blogging ethics, but within that, a whole range of different travel styles exist. So, this is how I like to travel…

Culture. Especially contemporary culture which embraces older traditions. Art, street art, food, meeting locals… anything that helps me connect with what a place is all about.

Food. Food is a great way to get to know culture – especially through cooking classes and food tours – and I love to eat, so food and drink have started to become a frequent topic on this site.

Outdoors. Hiking, biking, swimming, beaches, sunsets, landscapes, nature, wildlife, adventures… I love to be outdoors and, while I love cities too, my favourite travel experiences are almost always in the great outdoors.

Alternative Travel. Under the radar destinations, getting “off the beaten path”, and underrated or up-and-coming places which don’t yet see the tourism they deserve.

Overland. I’m a geek for long train journeys and love the slowness of overland travel.

Fun. Travel, above all, should be fun! (At least I think so.) At all times in life I’m generally in search of the fun – you can usually find me eating and drinking too much, laughing too loudly, and hopping onto whatever activity sounds like the most amount of fun!

So, that’s my travel style. If any or all of those values resonate with you, then you’ll probably enjoy a few of my blog posts. Even if they don’t, hopefully you’ll enjoy exploring the world through my eyes!


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